Orderpick systems

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As experts in order-fulfillment, Viscon Logistics understands the complexities of an order picks system within a warehouse environment. We translate the unique demands of a customer in practical solutions. Viscon Logistics offers a wide variety of industries and applications, from man-to-goods till goods-to-man. Products in these warehouses range from food to non-food, based on product carriers.

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Man-to-goods order picking

Pick to Light is the ideal tool for use in environments where fast-moving unit picking takes place. Compared to rival picking technologies such as voice or radio frequency, Pick to Light offers the most significant potential productivity benefits, along with all the expected improvements in order accuracy.

Goods-to-man order picking
To bring the efficiency to an even higher level, we bring the items to the operator by one of the many product handling systems Viscon Logistics can provide. An operator receives the items fully automated and inthe required sequence. This can be done by our innovative Multiload automated storage system where items to pick can directly be offered to any position.

Beside the machinery, Viscon Logistics also designs and produces the required software solutions. This way we are able to provide the maximum flexibility to our customers, resulting in unique solutions.

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