CE-certified mesh decks – for a flexible and safe storage

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Our mesh decks provide you with smart and safe means of storing goods, no matter your inventory. The size is adapted to the millimetre and load capacity to the kilogram.

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  • Flexible dimensions: width 400-1500 mm, depth 500-1500 mm.
  • Endcaps in various designs. Bent down, bent up, and with straight edge.
  • Point load. Adapt the shelving to fit the specific pallets to be stored.
  • CE-certified in accordance with EN 1090-1. Strength calculations performed in accordance with ANSI MH26.2-2007.

Our mesh decks are made to measure in a highly automated process. You get decks of the depth and length you need, adapted to the beam width and the load you have.

We offer the safety of CEcertified mesh decks. We can guarantee the required loading capacity, because we test every new series we manufacture. The loading capacity is even printed on the deck itself, alongside with its identity number and the CE mark.

The decks work equally well for storing small items individually or for goods on pallets. They do not collect dust and allow light and water to pass through, which is often a requirement in areas with sprinkler systems. Wire decks also allow a clear view of upper tiers.

Our mesh decks are free of any protrusions that might catch box surfaces – allowing goods to slide in and out easily. The top wires run from front to back and are bent to sit over the pallet racking beams, thus strengthening the racking beam and preventing the shelf from falling out in case of overload.

We also offer Clip dividers of different heights. These are easily attached to the deck with clips – no tools are required. All standard parts are galvanized (8-25 µm) for use indoors.

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