FAIR@Link - the Air Cargo Community System for Frankfurt Airport

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Get more efficiency and transparency for your handling processes. With FAIR@Link, your freight processing becomes easier to plan and you can achieve concrete cost and time savings.

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With FAIR@Link, all companies involved in freight processes at Frankfurt Airport - especially handling agents, freight forwarders, truckers and airlines - can optimize their transport and freight processes for both import and export.

On the export side, all steps of cargo processing are electronically supported – starting from the local hubs, Customs presentation and delivery at the handling agents, the consolidation by airline and destination and finally the handover to the ground handling agents. For import, electronic status reports about shipments on incoming flights are provided to the airlines. Upon arrival, handover certificates are printed out and the change of depositary is processed automatically. The consolidation of the goods is also supported by FAIR@Link.

Areas covered:

Transport pre-declaration

Truck Appointment

Ramp management

Customs processing



Dangerous Goods handling

Supply Chain Management

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