Viscon Logistics

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Viscon Logistics

Viscon Logistics specializes in finding practical and innovative solutions for compact storage systems and the handling ofproduct carriers in processes like sorting-, orderpick-, palletizing and industrial washing lines, both in food and non-food environments.

This enables Viscon Logistics to design, produce and realize turn-key projects of any size. Multiple uniquely designed projects, with an intimate project approach with the customer, and with references in many different sectors, prove the unique position of Viscon Logistics in the market.

Our solutions:

  • Material handling systems
  • Storage systems
  • Sorting systems
  • Order picking systems
  • Industrial washing systems
  • Warehouse control software

Viscon Logistics is one of the main companies of Viscon Group. The Viscon Group has been specializing in product & material handling for over 45 years. Viscon Group is active in different sectors around the world: horticulture, fresh produce, hatchery automation, processing and common logistic projects for both food and non-food sectors of any size. 

Viscon Logistics heeft 3 producten

Fully-automated pick-up point for online shopping

Toegevoegd op 07.07.2016 door Viscon Logistics

The Multiload concept Using the Multiload concept, Viscon supplies an efficient solution to current problems with traditional mini-load systems (AS/RS). When price or limited space are roadblocks i... Bekijk product

Orderpick systems

Toegevoegd op 07.07.2016 door Viscon Logistics

Man-to-goods order picking Pick to Light is the ideal tool for use in environments where fast-moving unit picking takes place. Compared to rival picking technologies such as voice or radio frequenc... Bekijk product

Matrix storage system

Toegevoegd op 10.02.2016 door Viscon Logistics

This innovative storage system has many advantages compared to the well-known systems in the market, like stacker cranes (AS/RS systems). It combines the highest possible product storage density with... Bekijk product