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We offer a distinctive combination of technical know-how, business experience and solutions in the fields of data management and data-driven label management.

For more than 15 years, we have refined methodologies and tools to deliver maximum benefits to our clients in a minimum of time. Happy clients mean everything to us. They are part and reason of our growing successful business.

Data Management specialist

Door systemen te koppelen, bronsystemen te ontsluiten, data te integreren en de datakwaliteit te optimaliseren ondersteunt T2S organisaties met het snel doorvoeren van proces- en systeemwijzigingen.

EDI, Barcode Labeling en GS1 specialist

Type2Solutions heeft ruime ervaring met het ondersteunen van organisaties bij de implementatie van de GS1 standaard. 

Data management software: Data Migratie Platform en Data Kwaliteit Monitor voor het uitwisselen, optimaliseren, valideren en transformeren van data.

Label management software: Palletlabel en EDI, Productlabel, One2Label, One2Label Automation, Mediclabel en Assetlabel.

Welcome to our world! 

TYPE2SOLUTIONS heeft 7 producten

One2Label Automation

Toegevoegd op 18.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

One2Label Automation is an unattended labeling application that automates repetitive printing tasks. Automated printing is triggered by business events in your ERP, WMS or MES. It is an effective way... Bekijk product

Data Quality Dashboard

Toegevoegd op 18.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

Data Quality Dashboard - Improve and Maintain Data Quality Data is a crucial production factor, and high-quality data will boost your daily operations. T2S gives you the tool to make data work: the... Bekijk product

Data Migration Platform

Toegevoegd op 18.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

Integrate, cleanse, migrate and manage data across platforms to produce accurate, consistent information with T2S data management solutions. Data Migration and Integration Platform Migrate and i... Bekijk product

Palletlabel and EDI

Toegevoegd op 17.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

Palletlabel creates GS1 labels and corresponding EDI messages with SSCCs on-the-fly. Give your supply chain a boost without IT overhead. Create your first GS1 label right now! Palletlabel maakt GS1... Bekijk product


Toegevoegd op 17.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

Productlabel is an affordable, simple and accessible way to create bar code labels for your products, boxes and more. Try it for free! Create your EAN-13 barcode label at www.product-label.com. Pro... Bekijk product


Toegevoegd op 17.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

Mediclabel is a labeling solution specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Comply with healthcare standards (UDI/MDR/FMD), increase traceability and patient safety by usin... Bekijk product


Toegevoegd op 17.07.2018 door TYPE2SOLUTIONS

Tag your valuable assets with unique barcode labels for traceability and maintenance purposes. Supports the GS1 standard (GIAI/GRAI). Assetlabel is an easy-to-use SaaS application. Bekijk product