Talumis B.V.

Dolderseweg 2 - H, 3712BP Huis ter Heide, Nederland

TALUMIS is fully specialized in 3D simulation and optimization solutions.

We have more than 15 years state of the art experience in modeling, simulation and analyses of complex production and logistic processes.

Besides supply chain applications our expertise is focused on industrial environments and production, warehousing and material handling areas.

Besides being the FlexSim distributor for the Benelux, TALUMIS is recognized as leading European insight and solution provider in the 3D simulation and optimization area.

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FLOWORKS: Bulk, fluids & gas logistic simulator

Toegevoegd op 19.09.2017 door Talumis B.V.

FloWorks, bulk, fluids & gas supply chain simulator is a powerful additional module for FlexSim simulation software used to accurately analyze and optimize the logistics of bulk, fluids or gas flows i... Bekijk product