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We digitize logistics!
We are a software company with more than 2,500 customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Europe and throughout the rest of the world. Our headquarters are located in Hamburg and we have offices in Bremen (with CargoSoft), Frankfurt, Freiburg and Eindhoven.

We’ve been serving the market for 35 years by offering digital software solutions for international freight forwarding, Customs processing and supply chain management. We operate the Port Community System for the Port of Hamburg (PCS) and the Cargo Community System (FAIR@Link) for Frankfurt Airport.

DAKOSY heeft 3 producten

Supply Chain Management: Global Logistics Access (GLA)

Toegevoegd op 03.08.2017 door DAKOSY

Through employing internet-based technologies, each individual step of the transport process is visualized, from procurement through to distribution. The ability to monitor all processes makes it easi... Bekijk product

Zodiak GE European Customs Handling

Toegevoegd op 03.08.2017 door DAKOSY

ZODIAK is certified for Customs handling in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Customs handling with ZODIAK GE for other EU countries is being developed according to customer... Bekijk product

FAIR@Link - the Air Cargo Community System for Frankfurt Airport

Toegevoegd op 03.08.2017 door DAKOSY

With FAIR@Link, all companies involved in freight processes at Frankfurt Airport - especially handling agents, freight forwarders, truckers and airlines - can optimize their transport and freight proc... Bekijk product